Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Events week & mime

Helloo all you faithful bloggers! It's events week, YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm loving it, starting each day with prayer clusters, and just the overwhelming sense of knowing God's the one in charge, and that we're just called to be faithful in speaking the truth! Wow, we do indeed serve an amazing God!!

One of the ways I've been able to help, under the expert tutilidge of Ceryn, has been with the mimes we're doing just before the lunchtime talks to advertise the week's afternoon and evening talks. No doubt you've noticed the pic by now...

... yes, I KNOW I look like the lead singer of the band Kiss, but there you go ;) and it's been SO much fun so far - and it's only Tuesday!!

If there's one thing God really impressed on me in the approaching week to Hope 2006, it was that we need to be united in all we do: and one of the best things we can do individually, is to be encouragers!!

If there's one thing the enemy tries to derail us with as a whole, it's making us think we're in this on our own and that we can't do it. Well, here's a news flash - we're not doing it on our own! Hallelujah!!! We walk this week, under the power of the spirit, the love of God, and the Hope that is to come of a perfect life with God for all eternity!

Be an encourager, you were made to be one :) build eachother up, trust God (Prov3v5) and the enemy cannot derail you, because your focus is on God :)



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