Sunday, February 05, 2006

You hear me

This poem spawns from a song by MercyMe, whose lyrics run as follows:

'What can we say to describe just a glimpse of your glory. How can our words portray but a thread of your majesty. But still we praise out saviour. In Spirit and in truth. For we cannot say enough about you.'

It's true that we can never praise the whole of God's glory, or even the most part. Sometimes our praise seems paultry to ourselves, but God seeks that praise and accepts it gratefully - because he loves us.

You hear me

I know my praise is little
And nowhere near your worth
But yet I thank you Lord, my God
That you accept it without mirth

You could just see it as it is
So small and not the whole
But yet you look right back at me
And smile into my soul.

My plaintive cry you could forget,
For who am I to call on you?
But this sinner’s call you treasure dear
For I belong to you

My broken heart you could ignore,
When I lift it up to you
But instead you ‘drop all else’, right there
And draw me near to you

I know the God I serve is love
And ‘tho I can’t express
The wholly glorious nature there
His love I will attest

My mind is small, I do admit
And there is more to him than I can see.
But one thing I can’t praise enough:
Is my great saviour’s love for me.

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