Monday, February 13, 2006

Raging sea

It's one of those crazy, yet amaaaaazing things when God just grabs you when you're listening and inspires you to write something. In this case it was a song of all things! Even more amazing is that 4 days later (ie this evening!) this song now has chords.

Well, enough of my jibber-jabber, here's the song; the lyrics of which I wrote during the closing worship of last Thursday's CU main meeting, and the music I've written this evening.

Thanks God :)

'Raging sea'

D Em7
Lord I know that I am wandering
D/F# Gmaj7
I cannot see the way to go
D Em7
This path I made has got me nowhere
D/F# Gmaj7 Asus4->A
And where I need is to be home

Em7 D/F# G
When the storm around is raging
Em7 Bm7 Asus4
And the waves grow high on every side
Em7 D/F# G
Lift up your hands to me my child
Gmaj7 Asus4 D
And trust in me to be your guide

D Em7
I find it hard to follow you
D/F# Gmaj7
I worry where it is I’m led
D Em7
These paths I see are strange to me
D/F# Gmaj7 Asus4->A
And I don’t know what lies ahead


D Em7
Lord I’m weak when I grow weary,
D/F# Gmaj7
And have not strength to walk your way
D Em7
I see you beckon me to follow you
D/F# Gmaj7 Asus4->A
But yet I struggle to obey


Bb Eb C
For though you find your feet are sinking
Bb Eb C
Reach out your hand and take my side
Bb Eb C
Take my lead and you shall notice
Bb Eb G
You stand above the rising tide




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Emma said...

Tim, this is amazing, to hear you write a song called Raging Sea! I've been so blessed by God recently with 'Raging Sea' my Michael W Smith, our God is amazing, I started crying when this song came on. He just touched my heart, in the hardest times, he is that anchor for us. Love you so much bro, God is good, through all let us sing that GOD IS GOOD! HALLELUYAH!

Cat said...

Awsome song Tim!!! Cant wait to hear it :-)

Welshie said...

so u got a title then?!


God is...amazing.

Keep following him and letting him speak through you and use u....


Timmy C said...

totally! am just so overwhelemed by the whole thing. I wana write more!! :D