Sunday, February 05, 2006

Technology at its best

Right, first I must explain a few points about my average Friday - it involves 2 hours of labs (implying it scheduled never only takes 2 hours!) and that this week I was using a computer that's older than me ;)

OK, on we go... yes, as I was saying in the title, technology at its best - and yes, this is a real beauty! The computer I was doing my Part 3 University labs on was an Amstrad (before the invention of the hard-drive. Yup, this puppy ran off 2 '5 1/4" ' discs!) which is very much rivalling me as the oldest fossil in the surrounding area.

But yes, on with the 'at its best'. Actually following the lab sheet was the 'fun' bit (where fun involves the activity finding the nearest wall and introducing your head to it at high speed, as an agreeable alternative) which took us 1.5 hours of our 2 hour lab!

Oooh but it gets better. No, it really does. We discovered that a certain function, which we needed to use, caused the program to crash. Repetedly. It also crashed when the lab supervisor came along. Repetedly.

The cream of the entire afternoon came when we rebooted the machine, repetedly, and it gave the following error:

'Please fit new batteries'

This caused me to laugh with a mixture of despair and nervous laughter for a good couple of minutes. It just goes to show that technology, despite being a pain at times, can still bring a smile to your lips in its most pants hour!

All I can say, is Praise God for patience: because he really does give it in abundance when you need it :)



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...


tigz said...

he he did you get the work done in the end???

Timmy C said...

It is now Monday, and I can wholeheartedly say no! Not yet!! The program still dislikes my lab partners and I very much :P

Sally said...

Hehe! That actually made me laugh out loud!

A good rival for...
ERROR: Keyboard not found. Press F1.


(which means the battery's leaked and melted bits of the motherboard. :oS)