Monday, June 12, 2006


Having had been home nigh-on a day, I've finally got enough energy to post on Hedgestock. Possibly the most fun I've had in a long time, considering the job was effectively car-parking! Yael and I set off at 4am to get there in time for starting work at 6 & spent Wednesday and Thursday parking cars in the baking heat, conveniently forgetting my sun-tan lotion. Sometimes I think I'd forget my head if it weren't so well glued-on... however, one of the cars I helped park had a member of the catering staff in it who offered me sun-tan lotion! Bargain! Never let it be said that God cares about the big thing in life, but not the little things ;)

After work we perused the various stalls, enjoyed 6 shots in the paint-balling tent & tried to get some beads from various vendors, to no avail! The evening was by far the best part of the 2 days there; The Who playing live! I'm not sure what I found better; The Who playing live on stage & getting within 15 feet of them, or seeing 300-400 bankers and investors decked out in beads and jumping up and down to The Who! An experience I'm not likely to forget for a loooong time!!

5 hours of sleep later, we awoke at 4am to pack tents up and cook bacon sarnies before the last stretch. It went smoothly, with a pot noodle each to sustain us til lunch time! So wrong, I know, but we're still alive and kickin! Thoroughly deaded by lunchtime, we finally found some of the magic banker beads and kept them as momentos. Barely conscious we arrived back in Milton Keynes to Yael's house to a home-made shepherd's pie before getting a good night's sleep and a safe journey back to Reading.

Brown as beef gravy, and miraculously not burnt, I have to say I slept rather well that night! ;) Bargain!



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Anonymous said...

hey thats soooooo cool, im not bein green eyed monster about the who at all ;)

hmm i tanned at weekend but it is peelin so im guessin it mayb burn
:( yus i did have suncream

catch up soon, gb ghus