Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Weekend of the wedding, the kilt & Kent

Having just dumped my bags and kilt on my bed, I feel like I'm good to drop! It's been an absolutely fab weekend and Sunday's not even over yet.

Friday saw me grab my kilt & head off to Tunbridge Wells in anticipation of my housemate Julie's wedding on Saturday. I spent a fab evening with Jonny, a good friend (and last year gradutate) of mine catching up and chilling out which was great. A rather nice spag bol followed by QI brought the evening to a nice close.

Saturday morning involved getting kilted-up (for want of a better adjective!) and Jonny, Si, Alex and Ryoko bundling into Jonny's car & heading off to Tunbridge Wells Baptist Church. One image from the weekend that's going to stick with me for a while is Julie walking down the isle. She looked absolutely stunning. I'm not going to post pics, but if you pop over for a cuppa I'll show you the pics! The service was good, lots of songs (woo!) and the message clearly God-orientated, putting marriage in the context of the church. Very refreshing! Upon being photoed from all angles, we arrived at The Highrocks to the surprise of a steam train trip & champagne before the reception! Marvelous fun, and at the reception Julie's dad and Phil both gave witty yet touching speeches. A fab afternoon had by all, and the weather was Sun for all to see! :D

After the reception I was hastily chauffered by Ruth's dad back to their house in Sevenoakes, Kent. WHAT a house! AND they have a trampoline!! So I was happy for a good 30 mins :) The sun continued through Sunday, being woken at 8 by David (Ruth's very young brother) and having a fun breakfast before church. A fantastic lunch of meatloaf, potatoes & amongst other things, 'family salad' (I hasten to add, not made from members of family) and a fun afternoon playing in the back garden ranging from trampoline to badminton and frisbee saw me on my way back to Reading with Ruth and dad in tow thoroughly shattered from the weekend and looking forward to a a relaxing evening in, but what an awesome time it was!

Bring on hedgestock on Tuesday-Thursday!



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Jonny:) said...

dude, hopefully not ALL angels in that kilt!

Yeah the weekend rocked