Sunday, June 18, 2006

Home diddly-home home

Slightly tired, and thoroughly 'bushed' (I fought a 20ft shrubbery for control of a wall whilst balancing on a step-ladder) I have to say that my stay at home has been a tad short-lived as I'm back to Reading on Tuesday for results then the CU ball on Wednesday (Woo Hoooooooooooooo!!!) and back home on Thursday until the following Saturday.

A crazy old week, I'm sure you'll agree but thankfully it's still Sunday and I'm thoroughly looking forward to wading through my unpacking (which has taken to smiling at me, knowing it is quite safe for a further week) and scaling the precipice to my nest-like bed near the ceiling.

I shall see you all hopefully soon, so in the mean time; in the immortal words of Fender, from 'Robots'...

'Au-resovoir, mes amis!'



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