Friday, June 23, 2006

Midnight blue & burnished bronze

Don't you find it annoying when you get ready for bed, snuggle down, and then realise 10 minutes later that your mind's still rather active? This was how I found myself yesterday at 11.30pm, having headed to bed at 10.45pm. I guess it must have been seeing Gran this afternoon in hospital. One minute she was chatting away (as much as she could, giving the pain), and then unresponsive. And then nurses were rushing past us and we were off down the hallway out of the way. Not nice to see, especially when it's someone you care so much for. But, Praise God that she stabilised and was a lot more chirpy today!

Back to yesterday, I just couldn't sleep. So I dismounted the bed and rolled back my blinds to see a fantastic sky - graded from midnight blue to burnished bronze. Something about the ky always inspires awe in me, so I grabbed my sketch-book and pen and took to writing poetry as it formed in my head. A rhyming scheme develops as it progresses, but poetry at its most raw and powerful often doesn't rhyme or scan overly coherantly.

I guess those 2 colours, Midnight blue & Burnished bronze are going to stick with me for a long time now; each time, reminding me of God's power, glory and wonderful design - both in all I physically see, and in what I seek to trust in. So here is the poem, I hope you enjoy it.

Twilight's Gaze



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Welshie said...

Love it Tim. Thanks for sharing that. Will be praying for your Gran, and your family