Thursday, June 01, 2006


Over the Easter Hols I got started on writing a basic RPG (Role Playing Game) computer game as a way of relaxing/distracting myself from revision, and I just remembered it today! So that's what I'm going to be doing for most of today. Hurrah!

The game's a light take on the (potentially) serious running of RPGs, in that you have silly named items (e.g. the sweatband of french transformation) and enemies (e.g. 'baron von jinglestop', or an 'Asda smart-price ketchup golum').

Here's where you come in, oh faithful blog readers... Once I've finished the game's basic command structure, I'll be needing ideas for enemies, items, quests, areas, all sorts! So if you have any fun ideas, the sillier the better, then comment this post with them & I'll pop 'em down. You'll even get to be in the credits! Could you ask for a more prestigous reward?! Well yes, you probably could, but that's the way it is =D

I might post you a banana if I can find stamps.

and a banana.



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