Friday, June 23, 2006

Twilight's Gaze

Twilight's Gaze

Twilight's gaze carress the sky
as misty shadows trace the night
Fresh-lit lanterns dot the black
where once the void was all but clear
Tired trees now rest their leaves
as starlings take their daily rest
and clouds now take on shimmering shapes
as on daylight's stage, the curtain falls

Midnight blue to burnished bronze
the heavens ever proudly show
the maker's touch, displayed for all,
a touch so few can vouch to know.
Such beauty, power and glory shown
the greatest artist can't design
yet power and glory shared with love
that day he took this filth of mine
and nailed it to that cursed tree
where love and pain mixed bitter-sweet
took this darkened, crippled soul
drew scaled from eyes, restored my feet.

Midnight blue to burnished bronze
the sky displays for all to see
my father's hand I see in this
the one who took this broken me
and once, for all, bought back my life
as such, my praise shall ever be:
the God who drew this sky tonight
loved me enough to set me free

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