Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Packing & nostalgia

As Friday nears, and I can't wait to go home and see my family I find myself packing up my room into boxes. Today has made me rather nostalgic, packing up 3 years of memories into boxes to head off and begin the next stage of my life as it were.

It's bin a funny ol' 3 years, packed full of the joys and pains of uni life, holidays and family and friends. I look around and see my Disney collection - built up over 3 years of ebaying, my 6 large ring-bound folders of Electronic Engineering knowledge - some more well learnt than others, my guitar which I've had the huge privilege of leading CU worship with, my inflatable 'air' guitar which santa gave me last year, my hawaiian shirt collection which Si and I have unheld 'Hawaiian Friday' with for 2 years, and the final thing my gaze rests on is my bible.

It makes me stop and think; throughout the past 3 years, God's been there in the thick of things, both academic and personal lives. He's tried to teach me many things, knocking me to my knees sometimes when I just didn't get it. I've worked, and he's helped my focus. I've saught him, and he's answered without fail. I've cried, and he's cried with me and comforted me. I've praised, and he's accepted it and danced with me. I've been humbled, and he's smiled as I've finally understood more of his character and goodness. I've despaired, and he's reminded me of his faithfulness and plan for me. I've fallen, and he's picked me up and when necessary, carried me.

These 3 years have been exciting, painful, humbling, uplifting, despairing; real, times. And in all those times, God has been as real as the day he created me, as the day he sent Jesus to die for me, as the day he welcomed me with open arms into his family, as this day now where he walks with and teaches me. And as I look forward, I know God's calling me to India for 5-6 months next February, and then onto PGCE, hopefully at Reading. I don't know what the future holds, but God never changes, he continues to be faithful to my prayers and to guide me in his ways.

I may not know for certain what's coming around the corner, but 3 years ago I didn't know God as deeply as I do now. I can't wait to see what he teaches me in the time to come. Many good times have been had over the past 3 years, and I wouldn't exchange them for anything. But tomorrow beckons, and one day I'll know him face to face as I was meant to. Bring on the future, one day at a time :)



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Rufus said...

That is so sad to read! you are leaving! but its good to hear that you have such great things to look forward to in your life and that god has such an amazing plan for you :D so good to hear what He has done in your life! I'm going to miss you and the Disney evenings :( but also the times you made me get back onto my path towards God and his will. Thanks fo being there for me and being such an amazing follower of Jesus Christ :D

Queen of cheek :P
*Bear Hugs*

Cat said...

Ah so true.. Its just another chapter in your life - enjoy!

Daddy_Stony said...

Hey little Dude, as you can imagine all one can say to that, having been there too soo many eons ago, is "Ecclesiates 3" and be amazed at what "the boss" will yet do.

PUSH as always

Bethan said...

Wow what an encouragement! I'm so glad for you that you are walking close with Jesus and delighting in the life and grace he has given you. These finalists from CU all seem so mature, happy and really genuine friendly, caring people. :) I will miss your encouragement at CU. All the best with your 'year out' and may God bless you and keep you.