Tuesday, May 30, 2006


it's been a funny old day. It seems like I've not actually done much, and I guess that's right in a way. I've got up, shopped, gone to a friend's house to play 'Serious Sam' (PC game), eaten dinner & then helped run a games evening playing a game called 'Munchkin'!! If you're wondering what it is, imagine a gaming system (like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)) then very much simplify it and run the whole thing off cards. It's dead easy to play and massive fun, no matter age or gaming experience.

And so I find myself at 2.20am, wondering what happened to the day. I'm still trying to get used to this free time, but don't think I honestly will :) I've got too much inside of me that's screaming to go and do something. If you have any ideas, do let me know ;)

Righty, sleep calls me. But I want to stop briefly to encourage all you guys who've still got exams to do. You'll be thinking a lot about how you wish exams were over now - but I'd encourage you not to be wishing for that! Why? Because this is where God wants you right now, and although it may not be pretty at times, he's got the strength, understanding, patience and determination you need to make it through these exams with your heads held high & your hearts bowed low. He is our strength, and it's only because of God that I've made it through these last 2 months. You know in your hearts God's with you, and in exams and revision you often find yourself closer to him. Don't wish the exams to be over, but embrace this time now! God wants you to live this time for him, exams included, so go for it in his strength & don't be surprised when he gets you through it :)

Check Colossians 3v23-24 - this is the God we serve! Heaven is the inheritance that awaits us, and nothing the enemy says/does can pluck us from God's hand. Never forget this guys; with God behind you, there is nothing that can stop you, no work that is too hard, no exam to unscalable; and no plan that can thwart his plan for you.

Take a minute just to stop with God, close your door, stop the noise, get on your knees & remember that he is God. He is in control. And you need nothing more.



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Rufus said...

he he i got that verse sticking on my shelves :D

Timmy C said...

tis an awesome one, isn't it?! :D I love it, it's really helped me remember that I'm serving God in the midst of whatever I'm in - expecially during exams. Helps you remember what you're working towards as well!

How awesome a prize is that!!

-bb- said...

yo! i have an idea what u can do with ure time...join in the coolness project!! Enjoy the free time though mate, cos its one of the last times youll have so much!