Saturday, May 06, 2006

So completely, So truly

Inspired by a convo I just had with my sis Emma, she came out with the comment 'so completely, so truly' while talking about God drawing you back to him.

When he does, it's not a 'come near, slap on the wrist, don't do it again' embrace. It's a full-bodied gentle embrace that sweeps you off your kness & puts you back on your feet. You know you're home. I hope & pray you are encouraged to turn to God more frequently, remembering what he has done for you.

So completely, So truly

'so completely, so truly,
you took my sin on you
no half-hearted call, you gave you all
that I may walk with you

so completely, so truly,
you walked this life I live,
received the scorn I poured on you
that life I could receive

so completely, so truly,
my punishment you took,
to stand before the Father, marred
that he could not even look

so completely, so truly,
you brought me from the grave
that by your hand, restored by grace
I stand before you, saved

so completely, so truly,
your love has paid my debt
may no word he calls against my name
cause me e'er to fret

for the work you wrought upon the cross
stands true for all mankind
you broke the power sin held o'er me
you cut the bonds that bound

so completely, so truly,
these dirty rags I wore
were washed by streams of crimson love
now I know what lies in store

the day shall come, now not far off
when he shall come again
and he shall take me there and then
to, in his presence, reign'


Emma said...

Tim, that was beautitful, so real, and so poignant. That conversation really helped me, and though we feel far from God, he is just so faithful and draws us back to him that closely, love you broxxx

Welshie said...

thanks Timmy boy

God's good!

Timmy C said...

tru dat ;) say it again!!! :D