Friday, May 05, 2006

More of him, less of me

Man I just love chatting to friends about how awesome God is!! These last couple of days I've found bumping into Ceryn all the more awesome as she's getting stronger by the day. No-one knows what she's had - but God did. The doc's were baffled, but God wasn't; not for an instant, and we've had the immense priviledge of being able to be there to pray, encourage, cry and praise with her over the past 6 weeks.

The seemingly bitter-sweet of God's will often topples your own thinking, you just don't know what he's doing. But then, you do; he's working in and through you for his glory, and sometimes he takes measures that we might not think of. Throughout the last x weeks we've seen God gradually strengthen and bring the Ceryn we know and love back to us. This term, the past 3 days especially, has been awesome revelling with her in how God must become more in us, and we become less. He's got such awesome plans he wants to work out in us that it's crazy to think we'd want to try it on our own, just to stitch it up where he'd succeed. Yet, it's only when we humble outselves before him that he can truly be working in us.

These lyrics comin' up are by Andy Flannigan, I just love them:

'"Perfect beauty contained in a man
King of heaven who walked in the sand
Can a human house the divine?
Can your spirit flow into mine?
Build me with your precious stone
Move into your rightful home

You are the one who has come to this temple
Come take control of my soul and my mind
Teach me to fall on my face in your presence
Come take your place as your grace i receive

Help me build you this temple of praise
Perfect foundation so set in your ways
Not ashamed to now welcome you in
Since your blood has deleted my sin
And as my spirit aches and groans
move in to take your throne

You call me precious, you call me priceless, you call me yours.
You call me sacred, you call me special, you call me yours."

I may only really truly realise it in moments of clarity like this, but my intense desire in my soul is for him to increase in me, to have greater sway and control in my life, that I'd defer to his rule, recognising afresh each day how awesome he truly is. How glorious his ways are. How amazing his grace is. How praise-worthy he truly is.

We serve a perfectly glorious God, people. And this same glorious God wants to work in you, each and every day. Don't forget it for an instant! Humble your hearts afresh & know his hand upon you.



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