Saturday, May 13, 2006

Observations of an exam

Having finished my exam earlier than expected (having double/triple-checked!), I found my mind taking in what was around me. And then a poem starting forming in my head!

Not so much an ode, as general observations of exams :) can you empathise with any of these lines?!

Observations of an exam

'Silence cuts like the edge of a knife,
the tiniest sound confuses.
A cursory glance shows a sea of heads,
their memories their own personal muses

Tick, tock, tick tock,
the hands still labour round
that impartial face that faithfully keeps
its ticking vigil, sound

A sea of faces, now fixated
soon to breath free air
yet for this time, must train their minds
and upon their paper, stare

tick, tock, thirty, sixty soon,
the temporal keeper tells,
itself, a pale light-lit moon
to announce the nights-end nell

The hand is raised, the swords are sheathed,
the paper-ous clamous begins
as they rise once more to take the walk
that will bring them home again

Fresh air is breathed, and inside yourself
the storm clouds pass on by.
The day has played its part, and thus
a calmer man am I.'



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