Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Project presentation

It came and it went. It's a mini adventure.

Praise God that my project presentation went so well today, he answered my prayers totally; giving me focus, pretty un-jittery hands, and clarity in what I said. All I can say is that our God is awesome :)

As a tribute to the day, here's a wee poem I wrote last year about presentations; about 5 mins before I was due to give one. I hope you enjoy, no doubt you can empathise with at least one line of it ;)

A presentation

'Calm and serenity,
where have you gone?
my palms start to sweat
as the others go on.
The time fast approaching
when I'll have to stand;
my hands then will tremble,
my calm will disband,
the words I'll forget
and my mouth will go dry.
Nout will come out
no matter how hard I try!
Then I'll break down and weep,
crying out 'please, no more!'
I'll turn to hand over
and pass out on the floor.'



weird is just your own personal brand of normal

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