Saturday, May 06, 2006

CU Ball announced!

Woo hoo, Another occasion I get to wear my kilt to! Fantastic!! :D

Yup, you guessed it, the CU Ball date' been announced. However it was so memorable that I've forgotten it... hmm... anyhoo, the theme this year is 'Black tie & diamonds' which sounds rather exciting. A slight issue may arise however, in that I don't own any diamonds.

Honestly, who has a black tie and diamonds?!! Guess I'll have to rob a jewellery store in advance ;) Hopefully more to follow on this when I read the next CU email!



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Emma said...

hey tim,

Just wanted to say that GOD IS AWESOME! And that I love you so much, I am so lucky to have such a brother, you are an amazing man of God Tim, just stay completely focussed on him. Love you more than you can ever know,


Jonny:) said...

Get out your kappa tracksuit and bling, you could go as a dimond geezer???

Timmy C said...

aaaw, top notch Jonny! Love it ;) don't think they'd let me in tho. Nay Bayliffe said that trainers were an instant no-go!

not sure if the kappa would have gone with my kilt's tartan anyhoo!