Monday, May 08, 2006

Stone with your letter, sir?

Having my SLEASE exam coming up on Thursday, I was being a good little student this afternoon by reading articles on this and that for background reading. Then I stumbled upon this one.

The context is of the author of the article receiving a CD-sized package through his door from Microsoft UK, containing a cover letter (about the evils of software piracy and them clamping down on it etc. etc.)... and enclosed was a small stone. A real stone! He goes on to say:

"Underneath [the letter] is a rock, an actual genuine 100% solid rock, with a notice underneath saying "Let's leave them no place to hide". See attached picture.

What kind of crazy marketing is this?

Crazy? It's pure genius. Clearly the plan is that you and other honest citizens identify your local illegal software supplier (pretty easy - he'll have a black cat and the power to raise storms and curdle milk) and then you turn up at his shop and stone him to death. Job done, democracy saved."

The Full article is viewable at:

Bravo to Mr. Leicester Haines, he's made my day all the brighter ;)



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