Tuesday, May 23, 2006

...and thus dawns the age of the jaguar


Well, not quite the age of the jaguar (quote from El Dorado), so much the age of 22! Hehe I'm now a whole day older than I was yesterday, and apparently that means I get letters from people. Tis rather exciting for me really, because it's the first time in 5 academic years that I haven't had an exam on my birthday!

And the sun is shining (the weather is sweet, yeah...)

Bonza :)


I sit with a glass of wine in my hand at the end of a busy day. And it's been a good one! :D Thanks to all of you for you texts and cards, it has been a fab day; feeling older has felt good! Friends came round in the morning to open prezzies with, revision was had in the afternoon, and chilling this evening with a quality film & a good portion of not revising ;)

Tomorrow beckons soon with the promise of my final exam, and then a whole load of nothing - something that fills me with a sense of uncertainty as I really don't know what to do with my time after tomorrow morning. Well, I shall have to see what comes up. But before then, sleep :)

Oh yes, and I did my washing. Woot.



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-bb- said...

happy birthday...even if im a couple of days late! welcome to the wonderful world of being 22!

As for not knowing what to do with yourself...join the experiment...http://thatwascool.blogspot.com