Thursday, July 20, 2006

Courgettes and cooking

Mum and dad finally came home yesterday from their holiday in Derbyshire in the caravan, and it's fab to have them back. Emma and I did have a very special week together, which we both enjoyed (yes, I have checked with Emma on this) but we're now all very much looking forward to a week in Bude, Cornwall.

Surfing, walking and perusing is on the cards for a whole glorious week, as well as many games of racing demon (highly addictive card game), a variety of board games (still to be packed), and Munchkin (a card-based dungeons & dragons style game). Munchkin is one of those games you can't help but love. Remarkably simple to pick up, it's wonderfully wacky and good for all ages.

Much fun will be had! Off on the morn, so I've gotta go see if my wetsuit still fits me. Mum's home cooking does rather help fill you out ;)



weird is just your own personal brand of normal


Jonny:) said...

dude if you're in bude take an afternoon to go round the St Austell Brewry. HSD is the best ale thats around there and its a proper old skool style brewery as well

Ben Fredlund said...

noooo not the courgettes

the pesky zucchini have now made me drool. Time for dinner methinks.

Hi Tim,

Good to see you online. I found my way here from Paul Huxley's blog!

I've finally managed to escape back to S Africa and found gainful employment.

God bless,


Timmy C said...

Ben, hello! :D long time dear boy! What're you up to these days, and how do you know ben Paul Huxley?

God bless


Ben Fredlund said...

I was at University of Surrey with Paul, and lots of other people you know obviously.

I'm working as a water treatment & supply design engineer (Fancy type of civil engineer really)