Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meet Lucy

She arrived in Swindon yesterday afternoon, and got to my house today after a lie-in :P yes, I can only be talking about my new bike!

Yup, she's a B-reg (1984) Suzuki GS125-Z. I've not taken her out on the road yet, but once I've got the insurance sorted today and pick up a tax disc tomorrow, I'll be sorted and can take her out on the roads to meet some friends of mine!

Part of me says I'm downright sad for getting so excited about the bike, but a larger part says 'no, you're not being sad, it's your first vehicle you've ever owned (excluding the moped up in Scotland, but we'll forget that experience!) so you've a right to be excited!'

Back to then, as I sort the insurance. Time for 'meet the parents' later, I wonder what they'll think of her...

ttfn fellow bloggers, until next time :)



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Jonny:) said...

nice one, sure you and her will get on well.
But who is the foxy red one in the foreground?

Timmy C said...

lol! Thanks Jonny, she's Veronica, Lucy's un-identical twin, here for the weekend to help her settle in

DaddyStony said...

Hmm why "Lucy"? Didn't realise the name began with a "B" ... ... ... Betina, or Brighteyes (as in headlamp although only 1) or Babe, but Lucy ?

Timmy C said...

hehe I did consider Bet's or BB (as B13...) but a friend said she looked like a 'Lucy', and it stuck :)

Welshie said...

yo're too little to ride that :P

Timmy C said...

rich coming from you, of queen-of-the-small-ones ;)