Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a game!

I'm usually in the crowd that shrug at the mention of the world cup or champion's league, but tonights game between Italy and Germany was absolutely fantastic! It's the best game of footy I've ever half-watched (half, because I was playing Munchkin at the same time) on TV. Very close-fought, the entire match, and I thought it was going for penalties. Trust the Italiens to pull it back in the 28th minute of 30 in extra time.

I daresay I'd even have been chowing down on my nails if I'd been watching it closely, or supporting a side avidly. Congratulations to Italy therefore, but Germany were outstanding. I echoe the commentators in their praise of the game's a) Quality and b) Spirit in which it was played. A pleasure to watch. Still not quite a swap for the real thing though ;)



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