Sunday, July 09, 2006

Home, home on the yaaarrr!

Hey ho everyone! I'm now back in the magical world of the Wiltshire countryside, happy owner of the title 'Ben johns' as of Thursday (a lolly goes to the first person who comments why my title is Ben Johns!), and currently in the mood for piracy (in the sea-faring yaaarrr type fashion) courtesy of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest hair. And it was rather good! I also got to meet up with an old school friend of mine, Hugh Gordon, that I've not seen for aeons and his lovely girl-friend Jane who is an ideal match for him!

Having arrived home, I've already been remarkably busy with having Chris Newton (another school friend) come visit on Friday for lunch through the afternoon, and a relative's Golden (50th) wedding anniversary, including ALL the relatives from around the world (New Zealand, Austria, Canada) who were there - 86 in all apparently! Fantastic fun, and nice to put faces to the names I only knew in passing and Christmas letters.

The searches for the job and motorbike still go on, respectively, with not much light on either front as such, but I shall keep searching - knowing that God will show me where he wants me (and provide suitable transport accordingly!)

A post-it on my monitor reads as follows:

'The Lord it my shepherd, I shall not be in want.' -- Psalm 23v1 --

and I think that's how my mind-set has been over the last couple of weeks when looking for jobs, bikes, and thinking generally about relationships. God is and has always been my shepherd - and as such I shouldn't be in want, logically speaking, because a shepherd looks after his sheep. And I know I'm his. Tis nice to be reminded of this; that he knows what's best for me - and right now, that's trusting him to point out the right job and bike, knowing he'll provide each, in his time.

Praise God for his peace, that he heaps it on you when you need it, when you ask him for it. Man I want to get closer...



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Cat said...

Ah ha! Yes indeed - God faithfully provides :-)

Keep trusting in Him - dont lose your focus!!!

God Bless,


Welshie said...

why ben johns?

i like lolipops!

Timmy C said...

haha, as do I ceryn, so I'm loathe to give mine up! Think degree...

Welshie said...

as of thursday at 6pm i stopped thinking about degrees!

in fact, may have stopped thinking altogether, i really don't get it. tell me anyway, i'll buy myself a lolipop!