Monday, January 02, 2006

Amazing Grace

Inspired, Cat and I sat down to write a poem (which turned out to be 2!) on grace on Monday evening, and as she describes it, I 'had an overflow of words...all good'.

Cat's poem's Here , it offers 'a glimpse of grace' in her own words, and I agree!

This Poem tries to capture something of God's amazing grace; in particular, the amazing way in which it was bought -- by Jesus' blood. May we forever stand in awe of what he has done for us, because it should have been us.

Amazing Grace

‘Amazing grace, what does this mean,’
My heart demands of me,
‘that but one man could bring forth life
from pain and misery?’

How could one, in face of all
This world has ever done
Pay a debt, so great, for me
This Father’s only son.

Amazing grace, indeed it is.
For why should God afford us this?
What merit in life have we to give
That betters e’er the saviour’s kiss?

I tell the truth, and tell it straight,
I know not why he does,
But one thing true beyond all truths
Is my great Father’s love.

This love that passes human mind
And breaks the tyrant’s heart of stone
This love that never waivers, kind
Beyond the realms of human, known

This love, a father’s son once held
When to a cross he grimly hung,
And with one breath, declared for all,
‘Forgive them, it is done.’

Amazing grace, this I shall speak,
Of him who took from me
The wrath his Father held for us
And nailed it to that tree

In one life he showed to us
The life we’re born to live
Not one of futile suffering
But of the power to forgive

Just once, a single sacrifice,
Pure and blameless; he.
Love’s greatest claim, in rags once stood
At the foot of Calvary.

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dave bish said...

Have a look at this - why one poet studies poetry... why study poetry?