Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Posh & Geordie

Just before starting work this evening, I was stunned to find that Victoria Beckham has taken Geordie LaForge (Startrek The Next Generation for all those sci-fi shunners out there!) as a role-model in the eye-piece stakes.

Could it be that our dear Posh spice has turned to the weird and wacky to set the new fashion trends? Or simply, that Startrek had it right all along with the tight-fitting one-size-apparently-fits-all uniforms with stylishly crafted gold brooches?

If you ask me, startrek always had it spot-on. All those accessories, like lasers, technology coming out of their ears (literally), and the ability to charge-up from the mains? The Borg had it sorted! Here's to a technologically-induced future.

Victoria Beckham, we salute you!



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...


Jonny:) said...

Sod's Law

Pola said...

Her sunglasses are huge and amazing! They'll make any nose look tinner.