Monday, January 30, 2006

What an awesome weekend!!

I've just had an absolutely fab weekend over in Surrey staying with my good friend Cat. It was Sooo much fun, it did however start with a minor set-back when Cat was delayed in getting to the station. It emerged that it was urgent business, because naturally the straightness of your hair is of paramount importance!

Hair aside, we went and spent a quality hour or so playing Einaudi's 'The Waves' and Enya's 'Watermark' on a grand piano (that was nicely tuned in the lower register -- such a nice change!!) and working on chord-work. Soo much fun having someone as receptive as Cat to teach and help out. Love it! You'll hear more on the teaching thing later ;)

Meeting up with Cat's housemate Lauren, we headed for home (her home, not my home, because that'd be quite frankly daft) and over the next couple of hours realised how amazingly crazy Cat's ENTIRE household is!! Maybe not Anna, but then I didn't really get to meet her.

Lauren is, like the most competitive person at playstation ever!! I've never seen someone so animated while playing Tekken 2. And as for Cat and playstation, the standard tactic ended up being 'I can't find where Tim is, so I'll just lob a grenade in his general direction and run backwards!' Just ruuude if you ask me...

A quick trip to Tescos and 1 hour later we had stuffeed peppers and cous cous to tuck into. Yum! Tigz then arrived, and 1 hour of Disney Monopoly later, we just spent an hour and a half or so chilling with acoustic guitars and worship music. Awesome stuff, really relaxing, loved it :)

Midnight saw Lauren entering the era of the twenteens, so we sang a rendition of Happy Birthday in x-part harmony (where 'x' varied depending on how much Lauren was expressing her want for us to sing in multiple parts!) and we headed to bed sometime after that.

Cat and I thoroughly ballooned the living room and set out Lauren's prezzies, and she kinda went squeaky and jumped up and down and stuff before we let her unwrap them! hehe, really quite funny to watch! We had an awesome service at Cat's church, followed by a yum lunch at a friendly family's house, complete with aged dog and fat cat!

Parting was sweet sorrow, but apparently I'm welcome to come back! (little do they know what they're getting themselves in for... hehehe...) so the Disney night will still happen sometime soon, worry not!!

Oooh yeah, the teaching thing. well, this post's gone on for long enough so I'll do it justice on the next post! TTFN :)



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It was awwwssoommeeee YAY!

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