Monday, January 30, 2006

P.S - Teaching

carrying on from the previous post, teaching! Yeah, wow, where to start. OK, on Friday Ceryn and I did cell group prep and we let eachother know of stuff to be praying for -- mine chiefly being what God wanted me to be doing in the near future. And it's been on my mind a lot!

For the last 4 months it's been a question of PGCE (teaching) or writing software when I graduate, and to be fair I've seen plus points to both, but I know I'm made to be a primary teacher. So yeh, lots of thinking, lots of praying, and a whole load of uncertainty really!

Saturday morning tho, God used my quiet time to remind me that there are always 2 ways I can take, and in short, said 'PGCE!' (to paraphrase on a mega-scale), at which I was kinda relieved/surprised/encouraged/scared all in one. So yeh, the rest of the day came and went (see the previous day for the full exposition!) and it came to Sunday. Further to God's 'PGCE!' line of Saturday, the service was about being willing to 'step outside the camp', stepping outside our comfort zones and being willing to follow Jesus wherever he leads us.

This really struck me, as before I'd been heavily thinking towards doing something degree-related... but this sermon cut me right to the fact that I'd been wanting it to both stay within the comfort zone of my degree (and own ability), and want to prove to myself that I could program, rather than trusting God with his plan for me.

To top it all off, walking back from Reading station I realised I really hadn't given the day to God (not that that stopped him speaking through it!!!) and spent some time just thanking him for his faithfulness., and I had such a sense of peace walking home. It then struck me how it doesn't matter where God takes us, from our point of view. The important thing is that we remember that he is totally faithful, and to trust him to lead us wherever he wants us.

It's God that equips us for the task at hand, and if we're willing to follow - even though we may be scared out of our pants - then God'll be with us the entire way. How AWESOME is our God??!

SO yeah, the next step is to look into what's gonna happen after this summer - because I have a feeling it's too late to apply to a PGCE this year, but we'll have to see.

One this is sure tho; God'll make it clear - that much I'm sure of :)



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