Sunday, January 15, 2006

Slice of desk, anyone?

Yes indeedy, Simon and I claimed 'student find of the week' today, as we walked away from outside the uni library with 3 pieces of desk! It had been dumped 3 days ago and had braved the elements such that the work-tops were ok but the limbs were past it.

Ha ha! Not so... Simon and I recognise a bargain when we see one, and bargainous stuff doesn't come much better than free!

It's solid stuff, and with some legs of sorts, it ought to be of use! Even if it just ends up as a coffee table in the lounge!

Post any bargains you've found recently in the cunningly-positioned 'x comments' bit at the bottom; where 'x' is a number directly proportional to the amount of love a hippo should show his wife.



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