Thursday, January 12, 2006


A great chat with Ceryn online put the idea for this poem in my head. Just seeing the work he's doing on a daily basis around us, and realising just WHAT we're missing out on by not following him more fully!! This poem's an outflowing of the deep desire in my heart to follow God more deeply, realising that it's HIM we need to seek to transform our hearts.


'This empty shell, what use is it,
how can my Lord command these bones?
To serve his I must be alive,
not limited by things I've done.

And yet,

I look once more, remember fresh
God's power at work upon the cross.
It's HIS touch that transforms this fleshy mesh
into humbleness from this proud dross.

My trust I know is not in him
as much as I would seek,
yet remember anew his faithfulness
HIS glory I would speak!

All money, posessions I might think as key,
These things I wish I'd count as nil
my heart i wish, on fire to be,
Oh, that my passion were greater still!

To think that I would take my life
and live as if my praise to sing.
My LEGS I'd give, to greater live
this life for God my King.

This greater heart I deeply crave,
a heart of flesh, not stone
that God my king, my praises sing
his heart, be greater known.

And if strength might fail me, day by day
i'll care not of these things
for in his strength I'll walk his way
and soar on eagle's wing!

For who can stand before our God?
what power can sway his hand?
None, we know may stay his might,
above in heavens or under land.

This, the life I wish to live,
the way I wish to walk;
to deeper seek, my saviour's heart,
his sovreign plan, uncork.

Overwhelmed by my saviour's love,
I'll seek to walk this day for him.
I may fail much, but he still guides,
my heart is set on him.'

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